About Us


The legacy of Kayakalp began over 40 years ago when Dr. Mahesh Patel brought his expertise in Plastic Surgery to the Northshore.  He built a foundation of delivering excellent results while making patient safety a priority. Continuing to deliver premier plastic surgery  he was joined by his daughter-in law, Dr. Jagruti Patel, in 2001. The family legacy was further enhanced when Dr. Mahesh Patel’s wife, Smita Patel, joined KayaKalp Aesthetics and broadened the scope  of practice with the addition of a comprehensive skin care clinic.

Both physicians are Board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and members of the American Society for Plastic Surgeons and the exclusive American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Smita is certified by the prestigious Society of Plastic Surgical Skin Care Specialists. Kayakalp Aesthetics expanded when Keira Proctor a surgical PA, joined them in 2010. Kiera is   a member of the Association of Plastic Surgery Assistants.  

Kayakalp is the one of the most prestigious aesthetic practices on the North Shore, offering unsurpassed results and superior personal service. The practice has been built on a foundation of consummate professionals offering the latest techniques in conjunction with proven ancient traditions.  This unique combination of highly trained clinical providers  and has allowed KayaKalp  Aesthetics to provide a full range of superior aesthetic services.

KayaKalp Aesthetics is located in the Parkhurst Building in Beverly, MA,  and  serves all of New England and more specifically, Massachusetts.
The tradition of quality and superior service has been solidified by establishing a new standard of excellence in satisfying men and women seeking to enhance or reconstruct their appearance under the best aesthetic care available.

To find out more about KayaKalp Aesthetics and meet with members of our team, submit a request for a consultation, or call our office at (978) 927-6556 to schedule an appointment.

KayaKalp Aesthetics is a premier Plastic Surgery practice  combined with a comprehensive Skin Care Clinic  which creates a synergistic approach to cosmetic and reconstructive procedures to achieve optimal aesthetic results.