Helpful Hints

– Avoid the sun! Never skip the full spectrum sun block and remember to reapply including neck and hands.
– Apply sun block 30 minutes before sun exposure even on cloudy days.
– Reapply Sun block every hour when involved with outdoor activity.
– Get car windows tinted to the legal limits.
– Skip ‘active’ products on irritated skin, use OTC cortisone cream and a sun block.
– Get treatments every 2 weeks thus allowing the superficial exfoliation to ensure a better penetration of therapeutic products.
– Get follow up visits no less than every month and get product potency and lifestyle issues reevaluated.
– Get refills before running out to ensure that you do not have to start over.
– Do not apply scented aftershaves or colognes on exposed areas of the skin.
– Wear 100% UV protection sunglasses or get eyeglasses ‘coated’ by an optometrist.
– Do not scrub dead skin cells when flaking..
– Do not use wash cloths, buffing pads or abrasive scrubs. Never scrub with towels.
– Apply retinoid and skin lighteners as directed and make sure all traces have been absorbed by the skin.
– Never dot lighteners or apply too thickly and avoid the mouth area for a few days if it becomes darkened, too dry or irritated.