Kayakalp Skin Care Experience

In the deafening commotion made by thousands of self-proclaimed experts, it seems that there is a growing need for access to reliable skin care information and personalized skin care. Issues related to the quality of life and concern about the adverse effects of chemically derived ingredients in products are becoming increasingly important.

However many of so called “latest” advances in skin care, have in fact been used for thousands of years by older cultures who quietly and systematically integrated information on every aspect of life before effecting a solution to a skin concern. It was a holistic approach that addressed the person’s – body, mind, and spirit – their individuality. A disorder, whether in terms of internal organs or the skin, our largest organ, was understood to be the result of physical, emotional, spiritual, social and environmental imbalance – It was an understanding that was confident that when all of these aspects of life were brought into proper balance, ‘Healing’ would take place naturally. Read More

There is no doubt that there is an intricate connection between the mind and body and the need to address both physical and emotional well-being is the key to good skin care.

It has been seen that, except in the cases of traumatic injury, many isolated communities for most of their lives looked to the body’s inner wisdom, and believed that the responsibility for their own health lay within themselves. The ‘reward’ was beautiful teeth, strong bones, very little degenerative disease and yes – clear skins. In this day and age to propose to a patient/client an “isolation as a means to health” seems impractical to say the least. However, isolating ourselves from time to time from everyday life by taking a break from our everyday concerns, even for a short time, can be very beneficial
Thus an environment like the KayaKalp Skin Care Clinic is an ideal place to renew contact with the inner self and get answers to much sought after questions. It is a place that will positively affect the mind body and spirit with the aid of our visionary Skin Therapist. We provide spa-like services that rejuvenate the skin as well as clinical treatments that soften the trauma of surgical procedures.

Our role is that of a guide, a mentor and a role model, that leads and nudges the patients to tweak their lifestyles, beliefs and old habits in order to facilitate healing and gain optimum skin health. Thus we take pride in that KayaKalp Skin Care has a holistic approach that is mindful of the uniqueness of an individual. It is a step by step implementation of long held beliefs that Quality not Quantity is the guiding factor and a motto that says

“It is never too late or too soon to start good skin care”