Skin Care Testimonials

Testimonials for Skin care and Smita Patel 

  • As an RN, I value the clinical expertise of Smita Patel. She is exceptionally knowledgeable about skin and knows best how to treat the presenting condition.  As a result her expert work on my skin feels healthy and well cared for.    -ER
  • I have been seeing Smita Patel for 4 years now and I could not be happier with the overall appearance and health of my skin.  All treatments are catered to the unique needs of my skin.  Smita also has taught me a great deal about my skin , products to look for and avoid, as well as how to protect and maintain my youthful, clear complexion , at she has helped me obtain. I don’t know what I would do without her.- LF
  •  Identifying experts who understand the individual and evolving needs of their patients is one of the most important decisions a patient makes in her life time.  Over four years ago I found experts at KayaKalp Aesthetics- doctors and skin specialists who have discussed realistic options with me about my face and skin and helped me decide which options are specifically appropriate and efficacious for me. That kind of individual  consultation is one of the distinctive attributes of Kayakalp Aesthetics and , quite frankly, separates this skin care clinic from other skin care clinics in that may perform a procedure a patient wants but one that may not be appropriate or as efficacious as the patient hopes it will be.   Knowing how to discuss and treat each patient and help each patient come to a reasonable decision about treatments  or procedures is clearly one of this skin care clinic’s hallmarks. Additionally , both the doctors and skin care specialists are master artists in the procedures they perform and the treatments they provide.  And, they chronologically advise patients about how to maintain healthy skin.  Equally as sensitive to the patients are the staff who accommodate the patient’s schedules and respond to their questions and needs immediately.    – PM
  • My experience at KayaKalp Aesthetics has been exceptional! From the caring attentive staff to Smita who with her soft touch has my skin looking beautiful.  I have a dry skin which  now feels softer, glowing and vibrant.  I can’t wait for more to be done as I have made a commitment to be a “regular” visitor.  -KS 
  • I became a patient/client of Smita Patel’s when I had my first skin cancer.  She worked with me for the aftercare each time I had a growth removed and introduced me to some excellent products for better skin care health. I have also had several treatments of blue light therapy for actinic keratosis. Smita is very knowledgeable and thorough in explaining the entire process before she begins and is able to put you completely as ease.  Smita applies this treatment is a very relaxing spa like room, with soothing music playing on the background.  The blue light has eliminated most of my actinic keratosis , with only few areas remaining and I plan to undergo a series of treatments. Smita is a skin care specialist who will work with you in helping you to choose the right treatment/therapy and products for your skin to look and feel its best. I am very happy that I was referred to Smita.      – CM 
  • Choosing Smita for facial treatments was an excellent decision.  Besides being an experienced and accomplished aesthetician, she is also skilled as a communicator and educator.  It is important to be informed about procedures, as well as, causes and case. Mrs. Patel patiently and clearly inform ans explains to me details about my skin, the treatments she performs and the products she recommends.  She is supportive , makes me feel comfortable and answers my endless questions.  -MC
  • I first started going to Smita at Kayakalp , I was having 3 years of rosacea breakouts.  She cleared it up and now I have been seeing her for years and my skin has never been better!  I brought my mother in and she was so happy clearing up her skin also.  I have people all the time think I am 15 years younger than I am.  She made great recommendations for home care for my skin.  I am so pleased my skin has never looked better. Thank you.     -VM 
  • I have been a skin care client of Smita Patel’s for several years.  Every time I have a skin/facial treatment by Smita I feel as if I have had not only a treatment on my skin, but my spirit and soul as well.  Smita takes such care and time with me, making certain that I feel comfortable in my surroundings and how can you not —  soft indian music plays and you are surrounded by lavender colored walls and the lovely sound of a waterfall.   Smita always explains what she is doing as she applies products to my face and is very attentive , always asking if the product is o.k. for me.  I always leave Smita’s skin care feeling rejuvenated inside and out!   – CC 
  • Smita diagnosed me and gave me three different approaches with a treatment plan, all different timings and costs, with absolutely no pressure, but professional guidance.   Smita was dedicated to helping me and not concerned about overtime , I was cured.  She has also treated my two sons, 20 and 18 years old , who are  both suffering from acne issues and with her recommended treatment plans and products, have both, had amazing results. – Jen 
  •  I used to see a dermatologist for years ads a kid.  It was not until I met Smita that I saw my skin change and start to improve and get clear. Smita knew right away that I had a hormonal imbalance that I was struggling with. I didn’t even know I had it going on until she mentioned it and then it was brought up by with my  doctors through tests for other purposes.Smita gave me my skin back and allowed me to see myself with clear skin and no make up for the first time.Her products and treatments are wonderful.She is filled with information and is always willing to teaching  you how to properly care and maintain beautiful skin. KayaKalp aesthetics has the most caring team! – NP
  • Smita has all the required and desired training courses by industry standard leaders; she has vast experience as in many different modalities with accompanying state of the art equipment and  technology as anyone could possibly desire. However, the one aspect that no one else can match is her patient care, revitalizing  energy, dedication to patient benefit and she has built her practice around patient well being.  Stepping into her practice is like being transported to a relaxing/energized, revitalizing space in time where self care is so relaxing.  Smita treats the whole  patient with suggestions that help improve overall health when the patient inquires.I have learned simple steps that I can take which prolonged the benefit of my treatments while improving overall quality of my life. Smita ‘s ability to perceive  what the individual patient needs, prefers and will benefit  from is unparalleled. I was fearful because I had bad experiences with other  aestheticians while my sensitive skin added to the problem; I thought I had to suffer with a myriad of issues with my skin–some of which were very painful and embarrassing at my age.  Smita’s caring and knowledgeable skills helped me feel comfortable, giving one last try for relief–she even respected my request for minimal chemical usage!I took a chance with a small fee consultation which was an immense education  on improving my skin which improved my comfort  and provided relief from pain.  I was not bombarded with products to buy or sales pitches, what  Smita gave me was a safe caring  and honest  place that educated me.  Do yourself a favor and schedule a consult for benefits that would last a lifetime! -KS