Plastic Surgery Testimonials

Testimonials for Dr. Mahesh Patel 

  • Dr. M. Patel has a wealth of experience and knowledge which have untold benefits to my health and well being. As Someone who must research and ask questions, I am relieved by Dr. M. Patel’s abilities, skills as a surgeon and having the health concerns that I do, he easily manages my care. It is reassuring to have a surgeon who is not “cut happy” but rather looks and evaluates to see what approach is best for my body/health. Dr. M. Patel’s guidance has improved the quality of my life by improving my health. I appreciate understanding concerns from a patient’s perspective. Its a real gift that Dr. M.  hares his skills and dedication for the benefit of all his patients.  Injuries that detracted from my quality of life were quickly and easily addressed thanks to Dr. M’s skill. I recommend Dr. M. to everyone because he is honest and he is trustworthy in his patient care/treatment.   -KS
  • Dr Mahesh Patel will always be my hero, he is an amazing doctor who saved my mother from malignant melanoma skin cancer.  Melanoma is a very serious type of skin cancer which can spread through out the body if not caught and removed early on.  The stage of my mother’s lesion was too sever to let it wait too long to be removed. Dr. Mahesh Patel wanted to remove it right then and there, but for  insurance purposes he could’t. Dr. Mahesh Patel delayed a trip he was going on just so he could remove this dangerous cancer out of my mother before it spread. This is something that touched my mother deeply as it did for me too.  I don’t know what I would do without my mother. Thanks to Dr. Mahesh Patel, I won’t need t find out for many , many years.  NP
  • The following is an unsolicited statement of my experience with Dr. Mahesh Patel.  Sixteen years ago , as as result of an industrial accident, I came to Beverly Hospital  with a badly mangled finger. When the ER Doctor saw my finger he said,” I’m not touching THAT. I’m calling the “hand guy”. That “hand Guy” was Dr. M. Patel.  Dr. Patel sewed together all of the shredded fragments of tendon and flesh, bandaged it up, and finished with a warning,” Now do exactly as I tell you or you will  never use that finger again!!!” I listened and followed his instruction. In the following months my finger healed and got stronger. today there is no indication , either functional or visual , that I ever had a problem.Since that time I  have sen Dr. M. Patel on several occasions , mostly related to skin cancer. I have found him skillful, talented and competent.  I trust his professional judgement completely. In addition, I have found him to be friendly, understanding, easy to talk with, and trustworthy. …Finally , he truly is a great “hand guy”.   -FR

Testimonials for Dr. Jagruti Patel  

  • Dr. J. Thank you! It is such a drastic difference. Thank you again for all of your hard work and help with the procedure.- CK
  •  Dr. J. Patel Thank you for seriously making my wish come true, you are a blessing!!!!Sarah
  •   “Dr. J. You changed my life in ways I didn’t think possible, and for that I will always be truly grateful” -WR
  • Dear Dr. J. Patel,  You’re a competent and thoughtful physician and I am fortunate to have you as my doctor. Your staff mirrors you!  Thank you very much for such caring attention.   -PM
  • “I cannot say thank you enough for allowing me to shadow you over my winter break. Surgery has always caught my eye, but my experience with you, both in and out of the OR has solidified my desire into the field of plastics. You make an incredible difference in the lives of your patients and I can only hope to follow in your footsteps. Thank you” VC
  • “The atmosphere at KayaKalp Aesthetics is one of professionalism, caring and serenity. I was impressed that Dr. Jagruti Patel recommended a conservative approach with my Botox injection to ensure that the results would be natural looking as possible. This has been my first experience with Botox and I am most pleased with the results. I shall continue to be a patient here and have and will recommend Dr. Patel to others.”   JD
  •  She (Dr. J. Patel)  and everyone else in the practice take a lot of care in providing top notch medical services (they are constantly learning about how medicine is progressing) and a complete patient experience (not just the surgery but also inclusive recovery and general lifetime maintenance).
  • Professional Doctor who truly listens to what your needs are and will be honest with you about what you should do. Post op results are superb. Highly recommend.  – PC
  • Very Professional. Runs on time and takes the time to listen to a patient and gears individual cure. I would highly recommend seeing this medical group. – LB
  • I met Dr. Jagruti Patel in April of 2012, when I was hesitantly inquiring about my “bags” under my eyes. I can’s express the immediate comfort I felt during the conversation.  She is honest, non-judgemental and made me feel like the most beautiful woman.  Which may sound odd, where she is performing cosmetic surgery , but that’s why she is amazing? … I had a bilateral lower lid surgery and Juvaderm in my parenthesis.  Post surgery , although I felt hopeless , she filled me with positive thoughts and recovery seemed much easier and softer with her encouragement.  … I feel like Dr. Patel is a friend and very approachable of any of my concerns. We laugh, talk about our kids and families and always stay professional.  I am very fortunate to have met the Patel family , they are an A+ practice and I highly recommend them to anyone at any opportunity I have.   –  Jen 
  • Dear Dr. J. Patel:

               I’m writing to tell you how much I appreciated the work you did on my neck lift and follow-up procedure and how much I respect you as a physician. I’ve been fortunate to have had the good fortune of some “wonderful” and “miracle doctors” as personal physicians and grown comfortable with as both a Patient and friend.  I find your always willing to listen and lend an ear to some changes I would like in the future.  You have joined the list of doctors I would gladly recommend to my friends and family, as well as any patient who had a problem that falls within your specialty.

Again, thank you for your time and friendship. – LRB

  • I was under the expert care of Dr. J Patel two years ago for an abdominoplasty and breast reduction. Dr. J Patel’s professionalism and knowledge assured me that I was in the best care. Dr. J Patel was thorough, caring, extremely approachable and relatable. Her office staff was friendly and readily available to answer questions or concerns. I felt “heard” and that my needs and/or concerns were important. The surgeries and recovery went smoothly and I healed quickly.  I am extremely pleased with the results of my surgeries and with the care I received while with KayaKalp Aesthetics. Dr. J Patel will go the extra mile (and more) to ensure the best possible results for her patients. I highly   recommend Dr. J Patel and have referred, and will continue to refer, to friends and family.-   PC
  • Choosing to have plastic surgery was a tough decision for me to make but I am thrilled with the results of my tummy tuck. I finally have the flat stomach that I have always wanted.  I also loved the care and support that I received from Dr. Jagruti Patel and the rest of the office staff, especially Lisa Neary and Keira, before and after the surgery.  Since my surgery, I have recommended Dr. Jagruti Patel to several friends and family members.  MLK
  • Dr. Jagruti Patel is a very through, gives great amount of time to your needs. She is patient and makes you feel safe for whatever she ahs to do. Beautiful inside and out. –EL
  • It is with great pleasure that I am writing this testimonial. I’ve now had three procedures done with Dr. Jagruti Patel and would recommend her to anyone! She is truly amazing and does such incredible work. After an 85 pound weight loss I came to Dr. J to have a tummy tuck.  That was in 2005 and the results were amazing!! Now I have decided to have a breast reduction and some liposuction and would not even think of going to anyone else.  The staff at the office is not only pleasant, helpful and knowledgeable- they all have gone above and beyond to get me the very best care. A special thanks to Lisa N. who has been a huge help in dealing with some difficulties with the insurance company and helping me to get the financials in a place so I could still have my surgery.  Now I am recovering from my breast reduction and liposuction and am so excited to see the final results. Dr. Jagruti Patel is an amazing surgeon and an incredible person. I am blessed to have her and her staff taking care of my cosmetic needs. I truly feel that I am in the hands of the very best! I would recommend Dr. J. to anyone considering having procedures.-  CT
  • I looked into three different drs. @ three different hospitals and Beverly was by far better than all of them. As for Dr. J. Patel: She is Wonderful. Her bedside manner and the respect she showed to me and my family is unmeasurable.- sent over by BH from their patient surveys.
  • My experience with KayaKalp Aesthetics was great.  From my initial consult to my post operative visits, the staff was very kind and helpful and Dr. J. Patel was very informative and caring.  My procedure went smoothly and I’m very happy with my results.  I would recommend Dr. J. Patel to all my friends and family.- SZ
  • Dr. J

                        THANK YOU

                       THANK YOU

                      THANK YOU. I look 10 YEARS YOUNGER!!!!!!!!!!!   – AM

  •  Dr. J. Patel , I cannot express my thanks enough for everything you have done. The surgery, even though recent, has done wonders to increase my happiness and self-esteem. I wanted to thank you for how easy you made the whole process, from the initial consultation through the surgery and post appointments. Your kindness helped ease the anxiety and nervousness I had surrounding the procedure (it was all worth it!). I appreciate that you were honest throughout  . I look amazing and truly feel amazing. Please extend my thanks and gratitude to Kiera and Lisa N. they both are amazing!  Everything you did was incredible and I am happy to have worked with you and I get an amazing set of boobs!  Thanks again! -RL
  • Dr. J. Patel Thank you for making me beautiful again! Special thanks through for standing beside us through this last year. -VO
  • Dr J. Patel, when I saw you today , I forgot to tell you how much I’m loving the results I am seeing !!! thank you !  – HB
  • Dear Jagruti, Thank you so much for the amazing work you did for me. I also wanted to tell you how much I appreciate all you did for me above and beyond what I could afford to make sure I was happy with everything. You did not have to do any of the extra stuff and I am grateful! I will see you soon!! Love –  KB
  • “Everyone was very kind & generous from the moment I walked into the door to the moment I left.  Dr. J. Patel is an amazing Dr. all around.  I felt comfortable around everyone & the environment was soothing.  Everyone was caring & went out of there way to make my visit relaxing & not because its there job, but because it’s there true nature.

              Thank You!  Incredible experience I will forever hold dear to me.” – anonymous

  • Looking at these before and afters I just need to tell you I fell in love with you all over again sista!!   Sigh.  So happy!!  Xoxoxo   -KB
  • Dear Dr J. Patel, You are a very competent and thoughtful physician and I was fortunate to have you as my doctor. Your staff mirrors you! Thank you very much for such caring attention. Fondly PM
  • To Dr. J Patel and staff, thanks for all of your great services. you are all wonderful , I appreciate all of you. -KF
  • Dear Dr. J. Patel

           So far I can say you and your entire staff have been awesome, helpful , kind , understanding and courteous. We both have praised you highly to everyone. You , Dr. J. Patel, are an angel.  I hope everyone you treat fells the same as we do.  Thank you so much– LA &BA

Testimonials for  Keira Proctor

  • Keira,, How do we say thank you for all that you have done. We truly appreciate every step you have taken with us through the last years trials and tribulations!  -VO
  • Keira Proctor is the perfect fit for Dr. Patel’s practice , as a physician’s assistant. She is knowledgeable , calming and has the same demeanor as everyone else in the practice.  In other offices I may be disappointed in having to seethe PA instead of the doctor, but not in this case, she is wonderful!      Jen 
  • Keira does my Botox and fillers and is a very gifted provider at KayaKalp Aesthetics. She is professional and kind and always takes her time to get the best results. She has an eye for symmetry and always makes me look natural. – JP
  •  also loved the care and support that I received from Dr. Jagruti Patel and the rest of the office staff, especially Lisa Neary and Keira, before and after the surgery.  – MLK
  • I look amazing and truly feel amazing. Please extend my thanks and gratitude to Kiera and Lisa N. they both are amazing!  – RL
  • Keira, How do we say thank you for all that you’ve done.  We truly appreciate every step you have taken with us through the last year’s trials and tribulations.  – VO