Peels Without Downtime

For smoother even tone skin, non-ablative peels without downtime can done with either chemicals or Herbals. Alpha & Beta Hydroxy (AHA & BHA) and have been used for years to remove undesirable signs of skin aging, such as discoloration, roughness and wrinkling. The chemicals cause the skin to lose its outer layer, or peel off, revealing a fresher-looking layer of skin. Around 1989 Cosmetic manufacturers began to market non-ablative milder AHA chemical peels for salon use and by 1992, mass marketing of these peels began. The AHAs used most often in cosmetics are glycolic acid and lactic acid, although there are others which are often used in various combinations. Increasingly, poly-AHAs, with larger molecules, and ingredients such as salicylic acid are used because these products produce less skin irritation and gently lift off dead skin cells revealing the natural luminosity of the skin. However skin reaction varies in different individuals.


Disorders Treated

  • Hyperkeratosis
  • Photodamage
  • Post inflammatory Hyperpigmentation
  • Stretch Marks 20% GA+0.05 Tretinoin
  • Verucas 15% GA

Efficacy depends on

  • Product pH level
  • AHA Concentration
  • AHA Vehicle cream
  • How Used i.e. Frequency/ Area of application


  • Consumers 10% or less
  • Aesthetician 20%-30%
  • Doctors 50%-70%


  • Hyluronic Acid in epidermal and dermal layers
  • Collagen gene level
  • Remodeled extra cellular matrix
  • Collagen deposit
  • Efficacy of other products

Herbal Peels

Herbal peels are effective exfoliant alternative to chemically derived acid peels. They refresh and rejuvenate the skin by triggering the body own exfoliating reaction to them. The result is the exposure of new radiant healthy skin. The use of specific herbals and minerals have been in use by the ancient Ayurvedic system to enhance the penetration capabilities of various other ingredients in skin rejuvenating formulations. In the hands of a qualified skin therapist, Herbals are effective and safe for all skin types. After your skin has been analyzed, and depending on the skin condition and requirement, you will benefit from either a light or medium peel. It is a less invasive and not as traumatic as chemical peels. In the hands of a qualified skin therapist they are easily controlled and have effective results.