Skin Basics

How you care for your skin today has a lot to do with what it will look like in several years. As skin care specialists, we are expertly trained to restore your skin to its optimum health, ensuring that it will look its best. Our personalized, professional approach is one that listens to your needs before designing treatments to achieve your desired results. Before any treatment is recommended, an in-depth case history is taken, which includes factors such as state of health, lifestyle, seasonal changes etc. Our innovative techniques and cutting-edge formulations deliver maximum results in a minimum of time Furthermore we place emphasis on educating our patient/clients with information on good skin health and ensure that all related questions have been answered satisfactorily before any option is embarked upon.

By choosing a member of the SPSSCS – Society of Plastic Surgical Skin Care Specialist, you will ensure that your specialist can safely guide you in your personal skin health goal.

  • Has completed a certified course at a licensed training center
  • Is trained and experienced in skin therapies that are within the scope of practice.
  • Is working in an accredited medical facility
  • Adheres to a code of ethics set by SPSSCS
  • Continues skin care education that meet standards in safety and includes the latest innovations
  • Is licensed by the State Government Board of Cosmetology