Sun Protection

Although today it is well known that our skin should be protected from the sun with the daily use of a sunscreen, it can be neglected without optimal protection if the sunscreen is not used correctly optimally. Use of Sun Protective Clothing will give an added advantage. Read more

Some Facts and Fiction

Fiction: The SPF (Sun Protection Factor) in a sunblock/sunscreen governs whether the sunblock has good protection.
Fact: The SPF (Sun Protection Factor) relates to UVB frequencies ONLY and has nothing to do with UVA radiation, which may cause deeper and more long-term damage. Find a UVA and UVB BROAD SPECTRUM sunblock with protective ingredients of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.

Fiction: Sunscreen will prevent skin cancer.
Fact: Fact: Damage from sun exposure is cumulative. Skin cancers can form even with and after use of sunscreens due to previous UV exposure. But, sunscreens will reduce the risk of additional UV damage. Use and reapply sunscreen daily, even under shade and on a cloudy day.

Fiction: Skin cannot burn on cloudy days.
Fact: On cloudy days, the skin can be exposed to fewer UVB rays, but 65% of the sun’s damaging (UVA) rays can penetrate both clouds and glass. So your skin can be damaged even on a cloudy day.

Fiction: If a person is wearing a foundation make up with SPF of 4 or 8, then she won’t need an additional sunscreen
Fact: The FDA states that a minimum of SPF 15 is needed for sun protection.

Fiction: Sunscreens are the only products that can protect from sun damage and premature aging
Fact: Even though sunscreens are essential, there are other products that can increase sunscreen effectiveness. Topical Vitamin C ascorbyle is definitely one as well as ingredients such as Hyluronic acid, Anti-aging treatments containing Vitamin A, Alpha Hydroxies, and Beta Hydroxies can also combat premature aging of the skin.

Fiction: Clothing protects from all UV radiation damage
Fact: though covered skin is more protected, Regular woven fabrics is not woven tight enough.
Sun Protective Clothing provides better protection