Home Skin Care Regimen

Although there is no standard skin type, in general Rosacea skin is sensitive and skin care should include: Home Skin Care Regimen Use a gentle, soap-free cleanser Never pull, tug, scratch or treat the face harshly Avoid loofas, brushes granular products on the face Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water Dry by blotting with a soft […]

Helpful Hints

– Avoid the sun! Never skip the full spectrum sun block and remember to reapply including neck and hands. – Apply sun block 30 minutes before sun exposure even on cloudy days. – Reapply Sun block every hour when involved with outdoor activity. – Get car windows tinted to the legal limits. – Skip ‘active’ […]


Every season, no matter where we live, has skin health obstacles to overcome. Since the skin organ, is our first line of defense, effects of seasonal changes, air conditioned or heated homes, skiing or swimming, bacteria, free radicals, all play havoc on skin health and beauty. As skin care specialists, we are expertly trained to […]

Botanicals – Hype or Hope

These days, depending on who you speak to, a subject that elicits emphatic positive or negative response, is the question, “Are Botanical Cosmetics Hope or Hype”? It is true that Botanical extracts have been widely used for ailments for thousands of years by many Eastern and Middle Eastern medical systems as well as by the […]

Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup seems finally to have come of age. Everywhere we turn, yet another company is touting” their latest breakthrough“. However this “new” makeup discovery has been around for quite a few years. Unlike traditional products, mineral makeup, strictly speaking should contain no perfumes, talc, alcohol, dyes, mineral oil or preservatives. No wonder it receives […]

Diets Are Not Just For Slimming

It seems today that, wherever we turn, we are inundated by yet another “latest” in that wonder cream/serum with a “break- through” ingredient that will retain or return the youthful luminosity to our skin. The fact is that bottled remedies are only a part of the solution to healthy vibrant skin. Actually our body relies […]