Essential Oil in Skin Care

Essential oils have been use for over 5000 years in India, Egypt Tibet, Nepal and Middle East and traded and valued like gold. In fact, ancient Indian texts, the Vedas, mention hundreds of aromatic oils /perfumes, even outlining many of their uses. In this century, around 1950, Marguerite Maury, who had been a student of […]

Smart Sun Protection

The chills of winter are hopefully behind us and we all look forward to the warmth of summer sun. Although most of us have come a long way in understanding the dangers of the sun and the need for sunscreen, it is amazing that even today; otherwise well read, educated individuals continue to believe, what […]

To Nano or Not to Nano

Issues related to the safety and behavior of the wide spread prevalence of nanoparticles in cosmetics, especially in sunscreen products, have been raging for a number of years. Although the FDA issued new guidelines on June 14, 2011 regarding general capability claims made by the industry on sunscreen product labels to reduce consumer confusion, it […]

Ayurveda in Our Practices

In this day and age when a significant emphasis is placed on a holistic approach to health and beauty, and where, nutrition and topical ‘scientifically researched’ plant product application are a part of the healing process of surgical procedures, it is interesting to note that in India, 3500 year ago, the ancient system of Ayurveda, […]