Although Sun exposure remains one of the major causes of skin discoloration, hormonal factors and reaction to certain medicines can also impact skin resulting in dark spots and patches that appear on the face, neck, chest and hands. While Sunscreens remains the number one safeguard correct usage will optimize protection from hyperpigmentation. For a those with high pigment potential, treatment protocols treatments ranging from mild lighteners, acid peels to Intense Pulse Light Lasers with Products, with active ingredients that include anti inflammatories, curbing enzyme Tyrosinase production, mild lightener, correct sunscreen use and limiting sun exposure and correct sunscreen use can help reverse hyperpigmentation.

3 main types of ‘dyschromia’/ pigmentation:

1. Solar Lentigos
Commonly known as ‘liver spots’, having nothing to do with the liver, these appear as freckles in the adult years from years of cumulative sun exposure. Some medicines will heighten photosensitivity.

2. Melasma/Mask like Hyperpigmentation
Darkening shadows and patches that appear above the lip, extending to the cheeks & side of the face can result from the use of certain medicines, perfumes and cosmetics and made worse by sun exposure

3. Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation
Whether it is a cut, an insect bite or surgery, a darkening of the skin, limited to the area of trauma, is heightened by sun exposure

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