The Boobie Trap

I never understood breast augmentation. At the age of 16 I was a double D with a 5’4”, 100 pound frame. I envied flat chested girls and yearned to be one. Be careful what you wish for. A breast reduction, 2 nursed children, aging and some weight loss later and I got my wish. Limp, lackluster, sad little things. And yet, I know that if I had kept my double D’s, they’d be down around my belly button about now, so not a particularly appealing sight either. I came to realize that small does not mean perky and big does not mean full and voluptuous. Time takes its toll on them all and there’s really only one remedy. Breast Augmentation. It’s the only way to bring those babies back to life and back to life they will be! At KayaKalp, breast augmentation is such an art, so natural, I honestly wanted to sign up for one on the spot. They use saline as well as silicone (no more health risk or leakage with silicone and it feels exactly like real breast tissue…I’ll take the silicone please), round or anatomical, tear drop shaped implants. Incisions are made just below the breast and around the areola..nothing you will ever see 6 months down the road. And there is no interference with mammogram screening (phew). A lift might be in order as well (depending on how low the girls have fallen) but this will get determined when you see Dr. Patel. Imagine having beautiful, natural looking breasts that a 20 year old would envy. You could walk downstairs with a t-shirt on and no bra and not feel the need to cover up your sorry state of affairs with a wool sweater. Bathing suits would be fun to put on again and you wouldn’t have to buy the extra padded ones! I’m in! How about you? 
If you sign up for a consultation using the code BT15 before June 1st, 2015, your consultation will be free! (They are normally $200) Go for it.
Larissa Mills

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